Depicted Signs





The unique ornamental paintings on the mud-houses of the African tribe “Cassena“ are

the source of inspiration for the collection.


The handpainted patterns consist of repetitions and sequences of self-developed symbols.

Every sign has a meaning and depicts a part of the tribe’s everyday life.

Through the paintings of the houses you get a first impression of the life of the Cassena.

Quite fast Karin Heimberg wondered: what would our symbols look like, how would we

describe our present life in the here and now?


The signs, developed by herself, are the basis of her design for her jewellery and

accessories. Therefore she analyses and picks up the design principles of the Cassena.

As a fully planar and linear representation the self-developed signs are transformed step

by step from the plane to a three dimensional object. The origin of the symbols still stays

recognizable and is part of the work. Thus, colours and forms remain

unchanged, while contour and surface are clearly transformed.






Photography | Wibke Bramesfeld


Models | Mandy Lohmann


Hair & Make-Up Artists | Paula Tsukino





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